Wednesday 26 January 2022

The Game Shelf Reviews:- Macaron


Publisher: Sunrise Tornado Game Studio

Designer:  Ta-Te Wu

Year: 2021

Sunrise Tornado Game Studio have a track record of crowd-funding very cute games. Up until now, our favourite has been Cat Rescue - a game of rescuing and re-homing cats from the streets, with lovely cat artwork, that has since been used in a number of their campaigns. The same designer and publisher combo also recently gained a wider audience with a reprint of Promenade released by Rio Grande Games.
Macaron continues with the cute themes - a small package that looks just like a luxury package of tasty marcarons. The artwork throughout the game is simple but lovely, and should be just the thing to attract lighter gamers to the table. However, if you're expecting a light card game, Macaron might hold a few surprises - it's a simple game, but it'll certainly exercise your brain!