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Saturday 25 February 2017

The Yellow Meeple Starts a Board Game Group at Work - Week 9

I think I’m now down to a select few people who even pay attention to my invites and emails about board game group. It’s a shame, but I think when I changed to Monday evening I lost a few people. I don’t have many free evening but perhaps I’ll set up a poll to see when people think they can actually play games in any given 2 week period and hope that one turns out better than my standard 3 or 4 attendees. Nevertheless, this week I had a really nice time and we played a lot of games.

Week 9

Number of Attendees: 4
Games Played: Dingos’s Dreams, Sushi Go, Codenames, Karuba, 6 Nimmt

The Challenges

Dealing with different arrival times
The night started with just two of us, so finding a quick game for two people was the first challenge. I settled on Dingo’s Dreams, a game that I only had to give a rules refresher for and one we only had to play one round of. As is predictable someone turned up just as we finished the teaching. We ploughed on but then moved on to 3-player Sushi Go. Inevitably our fourth player arrived just as I finished teaching that too, but they watched the first round then joined in - not technically fair, but actually the points didn’t work out too skewed at the end of the game. With a few more players it would be better to start with something like Codenames where dropping into the game is easier – if anyone has any other recommendations for games that work in this way, that would be very useful!

The Successes

Bringing a friend
Bringing a friend from outside work a definite plus this week. She had a really great time and wants to come again, plus it meant the evening lasted longer and we could play some higher player count games such as Codenames. The only downside was that I think others from work thought they ought to leave relatively early to allow us to have food. It wasn’t a problem but I think people might have stayed longer otherwise.

Someone decided to buy a game on the spot
I once again brought out Sushi Go this week. The cute, tasty looking Sushi seems to be a definite appeal for new gamers. In addition, everyone picks up the game really quickly and even as an experienced player I am rarely the winner, meaning everyone is very quickly on the same playing field. We played it once, played it again, and playing it a third time was actually vetoed by another player who likes to try more new games. The newest member at the table decided to buy Sushi Go immediately!

Two people have pinkie promised me that they’ll come next time
I always invite my close colleagues to board game night because they’re always interested in what I’m doing and in some ways I think they’re keen to support me. I never expected them to become my regular attendees and in fact wanted to get more of a range of people to come along from other parts of the office. However, there is one colleague who has always been interested and never turned up. This week I believe he was forced by someone else to promise me he’ll come along next time and of course I expect the enforcer to come along too!

Lessons for Next Week

Longer games
I’d really like people to stick around to play something a bit longer. We seem to get stuck on the filler games and have barely even touched traditional gateways like Ticket to Ride or Carcassonne. I was happy to get Karuba played this week, but that was only with my friend from outside work, and really falls into the filler category for me too. Next week I think I have more new players so I feel I have to use games with a low time commitment, but after that I’m going to try and focus on something bigger.

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