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Sometimes our opinions differ, so Amy will be posting reviews every Tuesday and Fi will post on Thursdays. We hope you enjoy reading some of our opinions on board games - especially those for two players.

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Friday, 20 July 2018

The Game Shelf Previews:- Air Flix

Game: Air Flix

Publisher: Dice Sports

Designer: Robert Butler, Garry Thompson

Year: 2019

Air Flix recreates the dog-fights of World War II in a dexterity game where accurate flicking is the key to success. Play as the Germans or the Allies, taking on missions or simply try to shoot your enemies out of the sky!

Air Flix recently funded on Kickstarter and should be available around mid-2019. Here we're taking a look at the base game, although expansions were available in the Kickstarter campaign.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Thoughts from the Yellow Meeple:- SteamRollers

Game: SteamRollers

Publisher: Stronghold Games

Designer: Mark Gerrits

Year: 2015 (2018 Reprint)

When Steamrollers launched on Kickstarter in August 2017, it was perhaps slightly ahead of its time. Flatlined Games tapped into the beginning of a craze for roll and write games. Although roll and writes have been around for quite some time, it's not until recently that they've started to gain a huge following and to push the boundaries beyond rolling some dice and writing numbers in boxes.

SteamRollers has now been picked up by Stronghold Games for wide distribution. The appeal of this game to me is that it claims to encapsulate a lot of elements of a larger game like Steam or Age of Steam, but boils it down into the world of roll and writes – a world in which The Game Shelf, and many others, are currently entrenched. I’ve developed a real love of pick up and deliver games and I am very close to dipping my toe in the water with ‘train games’ and SteamRollers has been a great introduction.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

I've been working on the railroad:- Steamrollers

Game: Steamrollers

Publisher: Stronghold Games

Designer: Mark Gerrits

Year: 2015 (2018 Reprint)

Steamrollers is a 1-5 player roll and write game in which you will draft dice in order to create railway tracks, power your steam engines and deliver goods.The more towns you pass through the more customers you meet so you'll want top pass your goods through as many locations as possible en-route to their final stop, but there are only so many goods that need to be delivered, so you'll have to work fast to beat off the competition.

As you might imagine gameplay in Steamrollers revolves around dice. Each turn one player will roll the dice and then in order each player will choose one to use for their turn. Players have individual player boards on which they will draw out their routes, upgrades and scored points, but the supply of goods for delivery is located on a common central board. It's perfectly possible for one player to empty a town of goods if you take too long adding it to your network.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

The Game Shelf Reviews:- MS Batory

Game: MS Batory

Publisher: Granna

Designer: Filip Miłuński

Year: 2017

On board the glamorous cruise ship, MS Batory, a crime has been committed. The countess's pearls have disappeared and it's your job to determine who are the culprits. Each of you knows that some characters are innocent, but you'll need to ask around and deduce who is innocent to ultimately be the first to determine the guilty party(ies).

By asking clever questions about different locations on the ship or different characteristics of the suspects you can eventually deduce the culprits. If deduction games are your thing, and you love constructing 3D cardboard ships, then read on to fins out more about MS Batory.