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After getting into the board game hobby at the end of 2014, we've decided to share our thoughts on the games we're collecting on our shelves. The collection has certainly expanded over the last few years and we've been making up for lost time!

Sometimes our opinions differ, so Amy will be posting reviews every Tuesday and Fi will post on Thursdays. We hope you enjoy reading some of our opinions on board games - especially those for two players.

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Thoughts from the Yellow Meeple:- InBetween

Game: InBetween

Publisher: Board & Dice

Designer: Adam Kwapiński

Year: 2017

In InBetween you are playing as either the forces of good or evil in a world where there is a town above and a parallel universe below. This may sound pretty familiar to viewers of the show Stranger Things - there are undoubtedly similarities in the theming. This theming is definitely something that first attracted us to this game, as well as the fact it is a 2-player only game. Interesting and slightly more complex two player games, that don't necessarily involve direct confrontation, are something we typically enjoy quite a bit and InBetween seemed to tick the right boxes.

In this two player card game, each player in using hand management to try and influence each character towards the light or the dark side. The two asymmetrical decks will allow each player to activate special abilities and influence different characters based on symbols also present on the cards. 

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

I'm not a monster, just misunderstood!:- InBetween

Game: InBetween

Publisher: Board & Dice

Designer: Adam Kwapiński

Year: 2017

InBetween is a lightly asymmetric two player game. One player plays as a bloodthirsty monster from another dimension trying to drag victims across the dimensional barrier to devour them. The other player plays as the townspeople, trying to gather their wits and resources to mount a defense against this unknowable horror. The Monster player can win the game by devouring enough humans, but also by becoming aware of the humans attempts to defend against it. The townspeople can win be either getting enough people to be barricaded safely in their homes, or by increasing their awareness of the monster so they know its weaknesses.

At the start of a game of InBetween 10 character cards are laid out in a circle  in the center of the board, each character will alternate between starting in the human, or the creature dimensions. The player marker is placed on one of these characters, with the player that character is in the dimension of going second. Each player starts with 5 energy and 3 cards from their deck. On a turn a player can do one of 3 actions. They may discard any cards they choose to and draw back up to 5 cards. Alternatively they can gain 1 energy for every character in their dimension. Finally they could play a card from their hand.

Friday, 16 February 2018

The Game Shelf will be at Airecon 2018

I have no idea how it's almost March already, but time is fast approaching for us to attend Airecon 2018 in Harrogate, UK. AireCon is a board game convention held from 9th-11th March 2018 at the Harrogate Convention Centre in Yorkshire. This year will be our first year attending and we're really excited to add another convention to our board gaming calendar.

We're not big convention attenders, since neither of us are great at throwing ourselves into games with new people, but last year, a lot of our friends attended the event so hopefully there will be some friendly faces and some new faces too. I expect Airecon to me a middle ground between the two conventions we've previously attended - the huge UK Games Expo and Stabcon South which is a much smaller event with a focus on playing games, not exhibitors. So far, the organisers are expecting around 1000 unique attendees which is awesome for a convention that was a gathering at someone's house back in 2015!!

So what are we looking forward to most at AireCon?

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Thoughts from the Yellow Meeple:- Nusfjord

Game: Nusfjord

Publisher: Mayfair Games

Designer: Uwe Rosenberg

Year: 2017

I've probably told this story a few too many times on the blog, but here we go again. We have been eagerly anticipating Nusfjord since it was announced during the summer of 2017. We went on honeymoon last year to the Norwegian fjords and one evening started talking about designing a game themed around this impressive and beautiful landscape. We were considering different mechanisms, including the tetris-style boards from A Feast for Odin. When we heard that the designer of A Feast for Odin was releasing a game about this exact setting, we were intrigued to see if he would use any of the mechanics we discussed and hoped that the game could live up to our expectations.

Nusfjord is a worker placement game for 1-5 players from designer Uwe Rosenberg. Uwe Rosenberg has of course designed many worker placement games, such as Agricola, Caverna and Fields of Arle, but this design feels slightly different with less of the farming theme and 'feed your people' mechanisms and more of an economic feel, in what is overall a lighter game, in my opinion. So how does Nusfjord play?