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Monday 1 February 2016

The Yellow Meeple’s First Impressions 25th January – 31st January

This weekend we finished Pandemic Legacy! You’ll be glad to hear that you were all saved and the world made a surprisingly fast recovery. We’ll be posting our spoiler free reviews next week and hopefully we’ll also collaborate on a spoiler filled post to tell you all about our 12 month journey. We’ve not attended our gaming group this week, however two new games did arrive in the post and rather than letting Say Anything and Dungeon Petz languish on our shelf of shame, they both hit the table this weekend.

Here’s are Yellow Meeple’s first impressions;
·         Say Anything is a party game which gets quite a lot of buzz. Rather like Cards Against Humanity, one player chooses a question from a card and then votes for their favourite answer. However, unlike Cards Against Humanity, Say Anything is actually a game (with scoring) and involves imagination, because the players can write anything as their answer. The scoring works by everyone in the group, except the question master, voting on which of the answers provided they think will be picked. They can vote for up to 2 answers including their own and if the question master picks that card they receive points. The question master gets points based on how many people voted for the answer they guessed. Say Anything definitely relies on the crowd to create the fun – with a group of introverts this will fall flat. With our friends it worked well, but unfortunately I think whenever I need a 6+ player party game we’ll choose Telestrations every time.
·         Dungeon Petz sucked Amy in with the theme, then I had to get hold of a copy as quickly as possible. This hit the table the day after it arrived which is somewhat of a record in our house! In Dungeon Petz you have a group of imps and your goal is to buy fantasy themed pets, keep them alive and happy by meeting their needs for play and food, not let them escape when they become too angry or magical and keep their poop under control. You then may wish to exhibit them or sell them to obtain victory points and/or gold. I think that’s all that needs to be said, however underneath this theme is a solid and tight worker placement game. The game appears to work well with two players using some dummy imps which rotate to block various spots on the board and although it did actually take about 2 hours it certainly didn’t feel like t because down time was minimal. I think this could easily become a favourite in our collection.

I’m not sure what gaming will hold for us this week. I’ve still not found the time to play any games at work, so hopefully I can rectify that. I’ve also heard about a new board game cafe opening in Richmond which is only about 30 minutes away from work, so I hope to try out The Library Pot in the next couple of weeks. I’ve still not figured out the format of their cafe eg. If I can turn up with some friends, pay the cover charge and play what I like or if on Mah-Jong night it’s play Mah Jong or play nothing at all. Check them out at www.librarypot.uk

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  1. Hi Amy & Fiona - How exciting to start your blog - and to get into games. When we were deciding what kind of café & premises we wanted to run we were thinking of doing something fun & thoughtful, silly & serious, healthy & indulgent, and other contradictions! But mostly friendly. We came across the new boardgame world and were swept up by it. We started running meetup dot com events at home and love the way individuals or very small groups come together and play games. So (after a year of planning/financing/buying premises etc) we have just opened the Library Pot in Richmond. We encourage people to turn up and join others to play games. You can happily bring a gang (we have 18 or so coming as a group next Sunday) and we try and use meetup dot com for people to see what is going on. You can leave messages there to try and get participants for a particular game though with a library of over 300 games, lots of different ones get a run on the tables. There is a £5 cover charge & a full menu with alcohol licence, open evenings (except Wednesday) & weekends. We run several meetup groups but this one http://www.meetup.com/Richmond-Games/ is the one most sessions are advertised on. We have just had our Launch Party and you can have a look at the photos here https://www.facebook.com/librarypot/
    It is board game night every night, but we have specialist games as headlines so that Mah Jong players can find each other rather than turn up on different nights! (We teach Mah Jong but, be careful, it is very addictive...)
    Let us know when you want to come along - register at meetup and RSVP to an event!!
    kind regards
    rob & Emily
    The Library Pot, 86 Kew Road, Richmond, TW9 2PQ
    (5 mins walk from station)