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Sunday 24 April 2016

The Yellow Meeple’s First Impressions 17th-23rd April

This week I’m very happy to have squeezed in a visit to our local board game cafe which allowed me to try a couple of new games. I also discovered a local micro-pub which has a nicely stocked game shelf. The only downside is that I really wanted to try their copy of String Railway, but none of their tables are large enough! This week we have played one new game found in a charity shop and tried two new titles at the cafe.
Here’s are Yellow Meeple’s first impressions;
·         Zeus on the Loose is a children’s card game from Gamewright. We wouldn’t normally choose to play it with just the two of us but after finding it in a charity shop, why not give it a go? The game is super simple, with players taking turns to play cards into the centre with the goal of having the Zeus figurine when the total hits 100. There are a few cards which bend the rules, for example, allowing you to steal Zeus, turn back the clock to 50 if things aren’t going your way. The winner is the first to get four wins, which is definitely a bit excessive in terms of the length of time you’re playing, but I can see for kids this would be a fun game and definitely educational as it forces you to do a fair amount on mental arithmetic.
·         Fresco is a game whose theme and mechanics seemed to mesh really well and the idea of mixing colours to paint a fresco was definitely one that interested me in the game. During the game you have a number of apprentices who can be sent to buy paint at the market, mix paint to make more sought after colours, paint a panel of the fresco, visit the theatre to boost their mood or stay at home in the studio painting portraits to earn enough money to get by. The game seemed like a really clean design but something just didn’t click for me. Admittedly the two player game makes you include an imaginary 3rd player to block certain elements, but this isn’t too overbearing. The setup and rules were also quite fiddly for a game that was actually quite light. I wouldn’t say no to a 3 or 4 player game with other people who have played before but I won’t be seeking out a game of Fresco.

·         Cube Quest falls into the category of ‘dexterity games we always seem to play at board game cafes to annoy other people’. I’m not sure what I was expecting from a game call cube quest – perhaps a puzzle game? – but instead I was flicking cubes at Amy to try and knock her cubes off the table. The game doesn’t sound that great in the telling but when you play with all the different characters and the ability to customise your team there is slightly more to the game than just very badly aimed flicking. Cube Quest was a bit of a laugh for two players, but should definitely be reserved for kids to enjoy firing cubes across the room.

On Sunday we’ll get our chance to try the new T.I.M.E. Stories expansion – Under the Mask. Check back next week for my first impressions on that and perhaps some more new titles.

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