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Saturday 22 September 2018

The Game Shelf will be at Tabletop Gaming Live 2018

What is Tabletop Gaming Live?

Tabletop Gaming Live is a new board game convention in the UK, taking place at Alexandra Palace, London on 29th-30th September 2018. It's the first time the convention is being held and I'm super excited to attend and see what it's all about. As well as a range of exhibitors including publishers and board game stores, there will be open gaming with a game library and seminars and events throughout the two days.

Tabletop Gaming Magazine has a good reputation and wide distribution in the UK, meaning that they have managed to attract some high profile guests, as well as some high profile new releases in the UK and demos of upcoming exciting games that will release at Essen in  a few weeks. Here's some of the games that I'm most excited to see!

Most Anticipated Games
  • Forbidden Sky is the new game from Gamewright and Matt Leacock, following on from Forbidden Desert and Forbidden Island. Lucky gamers in North America were able to get hold of the game at conventions earlier this year, but in the UK, tabletop gaming live will be the launch of Forbidden Sky. I've deliberately not learnt a lot about the game, besides the fact that it involves you completing an electrical circuit, but it is, nevertheless, a must have for us.
  • The River is this year's big release from Days of Wonder. From what we know, The River is a worker placement game with tableau building and resource management. You’ll place workers on the board to gain resources or building tiles to add to your tableau. These tiles will either generate resources or provide storage for resources. Resources can be spent for buildings which will give you points. Some of the most interesting aspects of the game appear to come from the way you layout tiles on your tableau. Tiles must follow the path of the river printed on your player board and as you place them you’ll want to be mindful of the bonus points available for putting matching buildings in the same column.The River is an Essen release but will be available for Demo with Asmodee UK.
  • Monumental is coming to Kickstarter very soon from Funforge and Matthew Dunstan. Monumental certainly looks to be a big game, with a beautiful modular board, lots of miniatures, but also some well considered card play and management of resources. I'm excited to take a look a the game and see if it's one that we'll enjoy. So long as the game isn't too much of a typical dudes on a map game, then it looks like one we could really appreciate.
  • Dice Hospital is a game that I was desperate to try at the UK Games Expo this year and could never find a seat at the demo table. The publisher, Alley Cat Games, are an independent UK publisher and it really seems like Dice Hospital will be their breakthrough title after great early reviews from all of the big name reviewers. Hopefully I get a chance to try the game and see if my 'no-backers remorse' remains as great!

If you want to say 'Hi' then Fiona will be at the convention all day on Saturday 29th September.

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