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Wednesday 27 March 2019

Games to Play on a Car Journey

The title of this blog post might have brought you here under false pretenses, and if so, I'm sorry!

     This is not a post about games that anyone besides a board gamer might like to play in the car.

     Nor is it a post about board games you can play in the car.

This blog post is a post about games that you can play with other board gamers whilst travelling to your local board game convention or board game night. As many of our friends point out, I am very lucky to have a wife who wants to play board games together and it is the topic of many conversations while travelling, but sometimes you've exhausted all board game related topics and you just want to play a game to pass the time. Here's a list of games we've 'invented' for those long car journeys. We typically are just a driver and passenger, so these games work best with two.

Six Degrees of [Board Game] Separation

Six degrees of separation is the idea that all people are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other, so is the same true for all board games? In this game, one player thinks of the two most different games they can and the other player ha to try and connect them in 6 connections or fewer. An example of a connection might be the same designer or the same publisher. It's up to your discretion how obtuse the connection can be - perhaps the same theme or the same genre, but maybe not 'both games have dice'.

     Q: Can you connect Munchkin to Terraforming Mars?

     A: Munchkin is a theme for a Smash Up variant (1); Smash Up is published by AEG (2); AEG publish Istanbul (3); Istanbul was nominated for the Kennerspiel (4); and so was Terraforming Mars.

The [Board Game] Alphabet Game

You have probably played the alphabet game at some stage. One person says something that starts with A, then the next person has to say something starting with B and so on. For easy mode, you might start with any words related to board game, but as you get better at it, then you might choose to only name board game components, or mechanisms or designers.

     A = Antoine Bauza
     B = Bruno Cathala
     C = Christian Peterson

Would You Rather [Play]?

Would You Rather is a wonderful game invented by teenage girls and played by many a drunk college student. But frankly, who cares who you would rather kiss or marry, would you rather play Ticket to Ride or Codenames? It's the perfect car game for gamers looking to make a Top 100 list!

I Spy [Something Related to Board Games]

It wouldn't surprise me if 'I Spy' is the game most often played on car journeys around the world. I Spy [Something Related to Board Games] is quite a big twist on the game. You basically spot something out of the car window and connect it to a board game. 

Easy mode might just be a vague connection...
     I Spy trees, like in Photosynthesis.

Hard mode might be connecting it to a board game title...
     I Spy a truck, like in Galaxy Trucker.

Please let us know in the comments below if you play any more board game related games on long car journeys. We'd love to add to our repertoire!


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