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Monday, 29 May 2017

Overthinking by the Yellow Meeple:- Very excited for the UK Games Expo!!

A couple of weeks ago I posted my most anticipated games being demo'd or sold at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham on 2nd-4th June. Take a look here. However, since then there's been a few more announcements and I've also been using the tool from Tabletop Together to do my planning. So here's a few more games we're excited to see!

  • Century Spice Road - I imagine this might be the title that people run for at this years expo. I believe this small pre-release might be a surprise because it wasn't expected until GenCon. Having watched a couple of reviews of the game it seems like quite a simple card game with resource management - in the vein of Splendor or Viceroy. Even though it doesn't look that unique I've been sucked in by the really positive feedback and now I'm really excited to try and pick up a copy.
  • Fallout Wasteland Warfare - This one is purely for Amy. She's a fan of the Fallout PC games, so this board game implementation could be a big hit. Unfortunately we understand that there is unlikely to be a gameplay demo available, only components and miniatures that we can take a look at.
  • Capital - Capital is not a new game, but I've not seen it being played since its release in 2016. I've heard that it is being shown as part of the expo and I'm keen to take a look at this city building game that I've heard a lot of positive press about.
  • JamSumo - This game wasn't on my radar until Rahdo mentioned it on a recent Dice Tower episode as a smaller alternative to Crokinole. It's the kind of independent UK manufacturer that it's nice to get the opportunity to support at the expo, so I plan to pop by and take a look at Cubiko games.
  • KLASK - Klask is a beautiful wooden dexterity game that I confess we will probably never buy because we don't have the space for these things and I don't think we'd play very often. Nevertheless, I hope there's an opportunity to look at and try this game! I believe Klask will be a big draw at the Big Potato Games stand.
So, we have a huge list of games to try, a few demos scheduled, two board games pre-ordered, another six prearranged trades, a press preview event and just one day to squeeze it all in! 

Follow us on Twitter on @game_shelf and comment below to let us know what you think we should prioritise with our time at the UK Games Expo! We'll be back with some thoughts after the event.

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